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July 25th - July 31st

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We are in a time of unprecedented attacks on our reproductive rights. With unconstitutional, anti-abortion legislation sweeping state legislatures and a Supreme Court that refuses to uphold our right to abortion, young people are being stripped of our right to healthcare and bodily autonomy. We need a mass youth mobilization to demand our leaders defend our access to abortion.We call on Biden and Congress to enact policies that expand abortion access by any means necessary. We also demand action on a permanent solution to the abortion crisis: the Equal Rights Amendment.The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that prohibits discimination on the basis of sex. Without an explicit guarantee of sex-equality in our Constitution, attacks on our right to abortion will persist. Once gender equality is enshrined in our Constitution, we will have the permanent, comprehensive legal tool to we need defend and expand our access to abortion.The ERA has met all requirements outlined in the Constitution to become an amendment. Biden and Congress have the power to make the ERA the law of the land. That is why young people are mobilizing the week of July 25th in D.C, the last week before Congress goes on recess. Here is what we will be up to:

MON 7/25 - WED 7/27

Senator Schumer Occupation

The resolution to remove the deadline on the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (HJ Res 17) has passed the House of Representatives. The resolution currently has 52 cosponsors in the Senate. We demand that Senator Schumer bring the ERA to a vote in the Senate and make a filibuster exception to get it passed. Join us as we put on the pressure on Schumer to advance the ERA and other abortion justice policies by occupying space outside of the Hart Senate building from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Wednesday.

thu 7/28 - fri 7/29

Capitol Hill Lobby Day

To bring it home in the final days before Congress goes on break, we will meet with House and Senate members to demand they be vocal advocates for abortion justice policies and our constitutional equality. The Generation Ratify team will train and lead participants in meeting with their representatives. Not in DC? You can still participate in our lobby day, virtually! Click the link for more information.

sat 7/30 - sun 7/31

white house slumber party

After pressuring Congress to do their part, we will demand Biden step up and do his. Biden has the power to publish the ERA and expand abortion access by himself. Join us for a slumber party to let Biden know that we won't sleep until women and queer people are included in the Constitution. In the morning, we will march for the National Archives where the Constitution is located.

sat 7/30

Defend Black Women March

While not a part of the Abortion Justice Occupation, we will be supporting and highly encourage all of our participants to attend the Defend Black Women March, honoring Marielle Franco and celebrating the power of Black feminisms in Latin America & the Caribbean. Learn more on their website.

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finishing up


Friday evening through Sunday evening, while we aren't rallying or lobbying, we will be hosting community spaces, workshops, and visioning sessions to plan how we will take the energy and momentum we build together in D.C. back to our home communities. We will collectively strategize how we will build power through the Midterm elections and beyond.Once you fill out this form indicating which actions you are interested in participating in, we will be in communication about further information, resources, and training. We can't wait to fight with you.Need help getting to Washington DC or need housing in DC? We want to make this movement as accessible as possible—we can help you! Fill out the form below to apply for travel funds or housing. While we are running low on travel funds, we still have plenty of housing available and can assist you in fundraising for yourself.

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